Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription most commonly known as MT, is an allied health profession that deals in transcription of voice recorded medical reports through dictations from physicians or other healthcare professionals into text format.

Our MTs and QAs are well experienced and trained professionals in the Medical Transcription industry and a very strong base of the company’s foundation. We help you manage your Medical Transcription in an effective and timely manner which will give high quality results. We keep in touch with our clients until the project is finished to achieve the goal in an effective way and exceeding client expectations to have a strong relationship in future too.


General transcription is a very specialized field requiring specialists in each industry for which the transcriptions are done. We take pride in its efficient and experienced transcription team that can handle various kinds of transcription work. Our mission is to offer each and every client quality general transcription service, at the most competitive pricing schedules in the industry.

We hire the best transcriptionists and receive training from accredited programs and are tested by renoun companies with at least a 97% average. We assign transcriptionists most familiar with your speciality to ensure you have the best.

All employees and contractors sign confidentiality and NDA relating to all information. All contractors must enter into a Business Associate Agreement that requires full compliance with all HIPAA requirements.

Our QA team provides concurrent as well as retrospective quality management to ensure 99.5% accuracy.


Kavya Sourcing offers high quality and reliable business transcription services at lowest pricing with zero quality compromise.

Our team comprises most experienced business transcriptionists who constantly keep themselves updated with the latest news of the business world internationally. Group discussion sessions are conducted every week wherein they share their knowledge and weekly experience with each other to enhance their vocabulary and knowledge to maintain consistently higher quality standards.

We keep our resources planned and managed to encounter any new transcription challenge within your desired turnaround time from 2-48 hours without compromising in the service levels.

We are specializes in Earning Call transcription conducted by companies, meeting transcription, seminar transcription, teleconference transcription, board meeting transcription, interview transcription, transcription of quarterly results of public companies, and more. Our business transcriptionists are well versed with accents from India, Canada, UK, Australia, and other European countries.


We picked the transcriptionists who possess tremendous listening skills and have excellent command over English language. Our interview transcription service is executed through highly skilled interview transcriptionists, who are capable to transcribe the interview transcriptions irrespective of the subject whether it is a transcription of job interview, claim interview, research interview, or medical interview. We assure you 99% plus accurate interview transcription with best turnaround time.

We understand that each client professional has different expectations and requirements. Therefore, we prioritize client specified rules and instructions for quality assessment.


Kavya Sourcing have the best professional team equipped with the latest technology ready to work on any video transcription. We can work on any kind of media from video tapes to YouTube posts. We have competitive price range that is very affordable. You will be impressed by the quality of work we process on your project with the prices that we have.

We value your time so we assure you the best TAT. We always make sure that every project is within your specification and always done with precision.