Why Outsource

Labor accounts for more than 75 percent of the cost of developing software and services, and the market for highly skilled IT professionals is very tight in the United States. A Development Center at India can bring the same level of profits while decreasing the operational investment by over 60% and generate a ROI of over 75%.



Without discipline in managing offshore relationships, a company can not only squander the cost and time savings it had hoped to gain through them but can also face other problems, such as late deliveries, escalating costs, mismatches between expectations and deliverables, and even outright failure. Knowledge intensive, critical and core business activities are done on-site and all the other software development activities are being outsourced like Software Development, Migration, Testing, Backend operations and Data conversion.

Companies that use offshore partners to do their non- discretionary programming (maintenance and enhancements of legacy systems, for example) also find that lower offshore costs free up capital for new development efforts—say, on mobile- commerce applications.


To ensure the security of client’s data, we take security measures at the following levels: